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A day without coffee is like...

...just kidding, I have no idea.

For coffee lovers, it seems there are as many jokes about our passion for coffee - some may say addiction - as there are places to have it. Fancy, or hole in the wall, sit down with jazz in the background or take-out, we are constantly in search of a great coffee experience. Because that's what it is. An experience.

I'm not sure which is more enjoyable. Waiting at the end of bar for the barista to plate a latte and seeing what kind of "art" adorns the top, or the ritual of making that first cup of the day.

The morning brew enjoys the home court advantage for sure. It erases that still waking up fog. And you get to enjoy it in your pajamas.

Finding a charming spot for coffee has its own rewards. The near ubiquitous aroma of a good roast, the subtle background noise of the steamer and the clink of spoons in well-worn cups. The intimate conversations going on around you. It's also a great spot for a little work or inspiration. The stitching comes out, a chapter in the latest book gets read or another page in the sketchbook gets filled.

One of the great pleasures of travel, is seeking out those small independent cafes, using your limited knowledge of whatever language is spoken there and then finding a table where you can sit down and pretend for a half hour that this is your neighbourhood. It usually involves a bit of detective work, and a walk some distance out of your way but the payoff is an oasis of calm or a place to let the day's adventures soak in.

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