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In my journey as an artist, I have always been drawn to textiles. Whether through dyeing, printing, sewing, knitting or embroidery, there is something about the physicality of working with fabric, the touch and feel of cloth and the act of a needle passing through them that I cannot resist. 

For me the pursuit of mastery of various techniques, while in service of expressing my creative vision, is immensely rewarding.

It would be unusual to see me without work in my hands.It goes everywhere with me. In this way, the finished piece has traveled my path and witnessed the world I inhabit.

I try to always bring a sense of play to my work and I hope this infuses my work with joy and happiness. I find I'm always reacting to colour combinations all around me. The bright greens of spring. The blues of the lakes and mountains. Both in my daily routing and when I venture out in search of them, I'm constantly observing. 

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